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The Space Frogs (proper spelling SPACE FROGS ) are a German comedy duo consisting of Steve (real name Steven Schuto) and Rick (in social networks as Rick Garrido). Her YouTube channel of the same name serves as a platform for her self-made sketch films and opinion blogs , which entertain a large number of viewers. Her first channel closed in 2019 in favor of her newer channels. These include the vlog channel Space Radio (proper spelling SPACE RADIO, now Space Frogs (proper spelling SPACE FROGS)) and the Let’s Play channelSpace Gaming (proper spelling SPACE GAMING) , which opened in 2011 and 2012. The radio channel was rebranded to that name with the closure of Space Frogs and used as the new main channel.

Even before the Space Frogs were founded , Steve was enthusiastic about film technology and previously produced Lego stop motion , which, however, no longer met his own quality standards. Rick also had an increased interest in films. Inspired by other YouTube film artists such as Thomas Ridgewell ( TomSka ) and Kathrin Fricke ( Coldmirror ), he began producing his own films, which he stopped when they failed to achieve success. As part of the Comenius program of the European Union at the Immanuel Kant Comprehensive Schoolin Falkensee , where both graduated from high school at the same time , they shot a video together for the project. This was followed by another joint video project for their English lessons, which they published under the title “Facts about Germans” on their newly founded Space Frogs channel. The video is no longer available due to copyright infringement

In 2011, Rick and Steve started a shared apartment for easier and higher-quality video production. A membership of the YouTube network Mediakraft followed , and at the same time both began training as design assistants at the media school Babelsberg in Potsdam . In October 2011 , in addition to their main channel Space Frogs , which mainly serves to publish their sketch films, they opened the vlog channel Space Frogs Radio (later renamed Space Radio ). On both channels, the Space Frogs occasionally collaborated with other YouTubers such asFlorian Diedrich ( LeFloid ), which greatly helped increase their popularity. In August 2012, they opened gaming channel Space Frogs Play (later Space Gaming ). In 2013, Rick and Steve finished their education and gave up their apartment at the end of the year.

Afterwards, Rick lived together with Marti Fischer and Dominik Lehmann ( mapamundi ) two floors above Steve, who moved into an apartment by himself. In June 2015, Rick and Steve were nominated and selected for their video “If advertising were honest 2” for the German Web Video Award in the “Comedy” category. In July 2015 they left the Mediakraft network and joined the 301+ association , in whose club house they have a studio at their disposal.

Together with Florian Diedrich (YouTube channel: LeFloid ) and Max Krüger (YouTube channel: Frodoapparat ), Rick and Steve had a cameo appearance as police officers in the second chapter of the ZDF dramedy series Familie Braun, which was broadcast in spring 2016 . The Space Frogs are currently living in Berlin in two of their own apartments.
On January 26, 2022, Rick and his wife announced in a video that he would be a father. The child was born in mid-July 2022.

There was no fixed main format, which is why the topics of the videos varied constantly. However, sequels (“How Music Changes Everything”, “Honest Advertising”, “Dangers of Everyday Life”, “The Cookie Saga”, “Dagileo” and “Andreas Sticky”) appeared irregularly for some videos. They later renamed the channel Dead Frogs and haven’t uploaded to it since. On October 4, 2022, the video “This Channel is ALIVE AGAIN!” was released , in which Rick and Steve announced that the channel was now called Space Frogs Clips and that short videos for YouTube Shorts would appear on it.

Furthermore, various areas of everyday life are listed (“10 types of ”) and commented on (“Themen!’-‘Vlog!’”), dishes are cooked and filmed (“Cooking!”), or analyzed various magazines and newspapers in a humorous way (“Zeitschrift-Zeit”). Other formats include photoshopping (“early shopping”), FAQs, vlogs from trips, ANALyse (analysis of other YouTubers) and memetime (a review of various memes). Since the beginning of 2019, there has also been “The Format with the Table”, in which Rick and Steve comment on topics behind a table on a PC. Since September 2022 there has been the Tageströte, a satirical news program that mostly deals with politics.

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